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GIS- Talent Agency Power Heatmap

I was looking at the Talent Agency Map I created earlier in the night, and decided to augment the data with some arbitrary "Power Ranking" data I found in another dataset. Using it to create rankings of influence of individual agencies on a "1 through 4" scale (1 meaning influential, but also-ran, and 4 meaning highest influencers), and it becomes clear using the Heatmap feature of QGIS the most powerful talent agencies live in a 10 block radius at Wilshire and North Beverly Drive. Not super scientific, but interesting, nonetheless...

Click to expand...

GIS- List of US-based Talent Agencies

Here's a map of the Major Talent Agencies (Google Maps) Notice the clustering in Los Angeles and New York City. I was surprised most were found on Wilshire. Learning something every day...

Our Professional Services

Gunnison Galaxy Can Help Establish You In Hollywood

Creatives establishing their careers in Film and Television often feel isolated when trying to penetrate the Studio System.  Gunnison Galaxy provides highly cost-effective Networking, Outreach and Professional Services typically reserved for Major Studio Executives.

Gunnsion Galaxy provides the full spectrum of Professional Services supporting Creatives in Los Angeles, Hollywood. Studio City, Universal City and Burbank.  

We aren't agents, we're Professional Advocates. Our personnel have decades of experience expanding the influence of Creatives, Actors, and Professionals around the world.

Gunnison Galaxy can support you with the most difficult situations hindering outreach and the creative process.

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Script Evaluations, Rewriting, Proofreading and Editing
  • Event Promotion and Venue Coordination
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Casting Call Notification and Coordination
  • Local, National and International Media Outreach Related to Events, Shows and Screenings
  • Exclusive Access to Gunnison Galaxy research data
  • Social Media Orchestration and Analytics
  • Industry Research
  • Networking and Relationship Establishment (Intel)
  • Website Building, Hosting, and Technical Support
  • Cross-branding between Your Efforts and Ours
  • Technical Support (Pre-visualization, Post-Production and Cloud-Based Services/AWS)

Contact us to join Gunnison Galaxy today!