Cultivate the fighter in you.

Get used to pushing yourself.

Your endurance is a muscle.

You'll lose all concept of time and exist in the zone.

Work from burning love. 

Trap the discourager and squash it. 

The world wants you to succeed. 

Reengineer that psychology. 

Don't worry about what sounds corny. 

That's the fear seeping in. 

You are allowed to be a tremendous force in this world. 

The apathy you see around you is a contagion. 

Do not allow it to penetrate. 

It is only energy. 

And you have discernment. 

Become a magnet for greatness. 

It will bind to your wishes. 

Be the person that someone will write a book about. 

Or tell around a camp fire. 

Become a legend. 

A brave warrior. 

You have the light.