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BIFAN Film Festival, Buncheon 2016

Lesley and Ryan were lucky enough to attend this year's BIFAN (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival- in South Korea.  Big shout out to John Heinsen, Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz! Brilliant event!

This year's offering had a earth-shattering VR dome presentation, presented by Vortex Immersion Media (  

The experience has to be seen to be believed.  Check out our coverage, along with some images of what Vortex Immersion can do!



Diligent Outreach: Thoughts on Grassroots Production

Here's a few thoughts by Desmond on grassroots production efforts, and where to put your efforts-

Be diligent with your outreach, especially when you are doing things on a grassroots budget. Printing up flyers and putting them in a stack on a table is not tremendously effective. People need to feel connected to your material and excited about it. The more reasons they have to see your film, the more likely they will. Many people go to films on referral. If you can get a major paper to print an article or get on a popular radio broadcast or TV spot, it will give you and your film more weight. 

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